Sandra A. Neary, NWWS
Fine Art Gallery
 In 2016  I began to weave and make assemblages in addition to my collage work. These are often to a poem or story. 
"Totem" 11"x30" mixed media
"Sail Your Vessel" 10"x20" assemblage
"Dream of Blue" 23"x8" multi-media assemblage
"Eye to Eye" 16x20" collage
"July" 10x10" weaving
"Eye to Eye" 16x20" collage
"Grayland Beach" 14x12" assemblage
"Thoughts of Spring" 8x10" assemblage
"In The 'Hood" 14x21" collage on paper
"Another Question" 11x14" collage on canvas
"Dancers II" 14x21" mwm with collage
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